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UV Germicidal Sterilization and Ozone Lamp

$78.95 $54.95

Note: Not More Than 10 Order Per Customer
Limited Time 30% Discount to show our solidarity with Virus Victims

Viral diseases are causing serious damage to precious lives these days. Most people ignore but the things you carry or get in contact with also carry the potential virus that is killing thousands. Sanitizing, and covering our faces is not the ultimate solution.  

According to the National Health Commission, the current deadly virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. Our UV Germicidal Sterilization and Ozone Lamp is a specially designed product that will keep you and your home safe under this current virus outbreak. It kills all the dangerous microbes present on the surface of your home with the help of UV light and Ozone. Everything that reaches within the UV light of this lamp gets disinfected by the dangerous virus if present on it. 


  1. Kills 99.99% microorganisms such as pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and mold
  2. Inactivates this potential virus at the DNA/RNA level
  3. Releases Negative ions, Ozone O3, UV light disinfect everything from the virus & sterilize 100% everything surrounding this lamp
  4. It kills the microbes in the environment and keeps you and your family safe
  5. Environmentally safe & silent
  6. No odor, chemicals, or side effects
  7. Kills all viruses that are potentially hiding to affect you



  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 21cm (25W)
  • Color: White

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