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Upgraded 360 Intelligent Automatic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

$72.73 $59.95
Age Group: Adults
Material :ABS+Food grade silica gel
Waterproof : IPX7
Power mode: Induction charging
Rated voltage:5V
Vibration frequency:22000-28000 times/minutes
Modes : Three modes ,3 vibration forces , 30s /60s /90s
1.Comfortable grip, more portable and more convenient to carry.
2.This is an intelligent full-automatic U-type electric toothbrush, with high frequency vibration, with high-quality tooth cleaning mousse, hands free, efficient tooth cleaning.
3.Equipped with blue light disinfection and sterilization function, blue protective cover can be used as mouthwash cup at the same time.
4.U-shaped braces with high-density soft silica gel bristles can fit your teeth 360 degrees, only one key teeth to achieve all-round cleaning
5.Inductive charging: Super battery life, continuous use for 15 days.
6.Food grade silica gel:soft and comfortable, do not hurt gums.
7. IPX7 waterproof: Seamless body, inductive charging, better waterproof effect.Can withstand water flow cleaning,However, for the longer service life and safety of this electric toothbrush, it is recommended not to brew in water for a long time.
Package :
1* Electric toothbrush host
1* Food grade silica gel toothbrush heads
1*Induction charging base
1* use manual

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