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TPR Toilet Cleaning Brush Set

$42.50 $29.95

Effective Bathroom Cleaning with 30% OFF:toilet:

Almost everyone fears bathroom cleaning but basic sanitation is essential. According to some research, millions of germ resides on the toilet seat and the entire bathroom is filled with thousands of germs per square inch. Horrible and dirty bathroom conditions can cause severe diseases due to direct contact. Our TPR Toilet Cleaning Brush Set ensures maximum cleanliness and keeps your toilet germ free.

The brush bristles are made from Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), which are perfect for cleaning the toilet seat. They are non-abrasive and the rubber bristles are flexible enough to get into tiny spaces, grooves, or underneath the toilet rim for a thorough clean. The brush wipes out any dirt with a quick gentle swipe while maintaining its shape and does not need strong force. The handle is comfortable, slip-resistant, and firm to hold for the swiping motion. The brush is available with a brush holder specially designed to keep the brush straight and stable, avoiding any fall. It also has a hole in the middle of the base for the brush to dry fast and prevents any fungus or bad smell.


  • Maximum cleaning
  • TPR brush bristles do not scratch and easily get into hard to reach spaces for a comprehensive clean of the toilet seat
  • The brush only needs a gentle swiping motion to clean due to its soft bristles
  • The handle is non-slip, strong and comfortable to hold
  • The brush is available with a brush holder specially designed to keep the brush at its place
  • A hole in the base of the holder provides clean hygiene in the bathroom avoiding bad odor
  • A must-have in your toilet cleaning items


  • Material: PP and TPR
  • Size: 43 x 10 x 10 cm

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