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Titanic Blue Heart Necklace

$69.95 $49.95

Blue Heart Necklace Limited-Time 30% OFF :blue_heart:

A Necklace is a unique representation of love, a speaking truth of your true love. Our Titanic Blue Heart Necklace is a wonderful creation that cannot be resisted once you put your glare on it. Uniquely crafted heart-shaped crystal with a chain that holds may shining stones that shine like a diamond, the whole Necklace is worthy wearable. The velvet blue-colored crystal represents the unspoken love story of the legends of Titanic. The beauty of this Necklace shows the same ecstasy of un-condition love to bear everything for the sake of love. It is a wonderful GIFT to present to your lover, your mother, your sister or any other woman in your life to show the ultimate worth she owns.


  • Enchanting Velvet blue color represents the love of dark night from the legends of Titanic
  • Hearth shaped cut crystal is a well crafted eye-catching pendant
  • Glossy chain made of stones that glows like diamonds
  • A true representation of love with shinning and luxury looking Necklace and chain
  • A delightful GIFT for your mother, daughter, sister and every woman who is precious to you in your life


  • Material: Crystal + metal
  • Chain length: 45cm
  • Weight: 26g
  • Color: Blue

“Ships From US”

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