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TempMaster -Collapsible Storage Box

$84.95 $54.95

New Year Flat 35% OFF! :boom:

We all get angry about situations, when we can’t keep our drinks chilled for a longer time, or when all you came to know is that your food is dead cold pfff! Don’t worry, let us take care of all your drinks and food with our TempMaster™ -Collapsible Storage Box. The Temperature lock technology will maintain the last temperature of your eatable items when stored i.e. Hot or Cold. It is collapsible, portable, & can be stored anywhere you want when your party is over. Since it is made with plastic that weighs very light, so it can hold up to 15 times more of its weight. Whether you’re moving across town, hosting a party, going for hangouts, or spending quality time with your family! our Temperature lock collapsable box is the best option for making your day more special. The container is large enough to store 60-65 beverage cans (depending on their size). Best GIFT for adventure seekers, travelers, party lovers, or any outdoor or indoor activity.


  • Robust design with temperature lock technology which means if you put any pre-cold thing inside then it will remain cold, & if any hot food then it will remain hot for 10 Hours.
  • Large storage space that can hold up to 65 cans.
  • Collapsable design helps you to store it easily anywhere when the party is over
  • No more mess in your car with melted ice
  • Place all your favorite food items in an organized compact manner
  • Super strong and durable
  • Extra lightweight, that even your 7 years old son can pick it up when empty
  • It can be used for any outdoor activities, parties of any kind, during traveling long miles, at adventures, store food at home before going to pick up your kids, or bring your family’s favorite food at home (Hot, or cold) whatever you pick, etc.
  • Best GIFT for adventure seekers, travelers, party lovers, or your lazy friends who forgot their drink during left-right swipes on tinder 🙂


  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions of the box: 25cm x 59cm x 41cm
  • Size when folded: 5cm x 59cm x 41cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Temperature master- Collapsible Storage Box

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