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Super Telephoto Monocular Telescope

$64.50 $44.95

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Taking long-distance photo from your mobile camera is always a hectic task for you as the picture gets blurred or get out of focus. Further, buying expensive lenses or carrying heavy cameras is not possible all the time. Not anymore! when you have our affordable mobile Super Telephoto Monocular Telescope which has ALL the features that an expensive photo lens has.


  • Compatible with almost all of the mobile devices
  • Can be easily attached to the mobile phone’s camera.
  • Has a powerful magnification that lets you view objects that are 7-17 times away from you with clarity
  • It has a 7.8 wide-angle view that lets the phone camera capture a larger view with more details
  • Easily connected to a tripod stand 
  • It is Ultralight, compact making it extremely travel-friendly
  • HD Monocular equipped with a BAK4 prism lens that allows you to click brighter and crystal-clear photos
  • High Transparency lets this smartphone camera lens focus better thus resulting in a detailed and sharper view
  • Is Shock-resistant and is water-proof making it an ideal travel partner
  • A perfect gift for people who are fond of snapping photos of anything and everything.


  • Material: Synthetic Tempered Material
  • Size(in mm): 173 / 128x43mm (stretch and shrink)
  • Weight: 300g

Package Includes:

  • 1x Monocular telescope, Storage bag, Tripod, Clip

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