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StrongHold – Double Dog Leash

$61.00 $39.95

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We know walking with 2 dogs is such a toughest part of your life as the leashes often get tangled or twisted with one another, and the dogs move out of control which is totally unsafe. But don’t worry! We bring you StrongHold™ – Double Dog Leash. It is super easy to use by someone who is new to handling two dogs together. The maximum length of a single leash is 10 feet. The 360-degree spin technology will rotate with your dog’s changing directions. Because of its unique braking system, you can control both dogs in a different way you want with only one-hand operation. Now walking with 2 dogs is fun with excitement. Perfect Gift for all dog lovers you know. 




  • The leash is made of high quality material that is super strong and very tough
  • Our Double Dog Leash is one of the coolest and most comfortable leashes ever
  • It comes with a Double Safety lock system so you can manage every individual dog in your own way
  • 600,000 dogs die every year in night time due to road accidents, so reflective ribbons on the leash can be seen at night, thus preventing your dog from road accidents 
  • This belt can extend up to 10 feets 
  • With its 360-degree rotation technology, your dogs can move anywhere tangle free
  • Its anti-slip handle makes you more comfortable, even for large dogs that pull and run


  • Material: ABS case, polyester rope, zinc alloy hook
  • Size: Extend 10 feet / 3.1 meters
  •  Rope width: 0.4 / 1 cm
  • Color: Gray, Pink

Package included

  • 1 X StrongHold™ – Double Dog Leash

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