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StretchFix Adjustable Leg Stretcher

$59.95 $44.95

New Year Special: Flat 25% OFF! :boom:

Do you feel difficulty while stretching your legs? Don’t worry we have the solution, improve the flexibility & balance of your legs with our amazing StretchFix™ Adjustable Leg Stretcher. It permits you to perform stretches without help to prevent injuries, back pains, and balance problems. It is portable, smooth, easy to set-up, and moveable thus making it practical at home, gym, at the office, park, and so many other places. It will help you achieve a healthy and flexible body shape with its amicable feature of letting you stretch your legs without pain or strain. Now even if you’re too lazy to hit the gym, you can stretch easily at home with this amazing leg stretcher.

STRETCH with our StretchFix™


  • Made with Iron Material which is super durable and strong
  • Easy to operate without any help
  • It helps you to spread your legs as far as possible
  • It comes with Padded footrest for absolute comfort
  • Only GAIN with NO pain
  • The Adjustable pull-bar is super easy to use
  • Stretch your legs without pain or strain
  • Your gym now at home
  • A gift for those whom you love and care



  • Material: Iron
  • Shortest length: 5cm/21.8″
  • Longest length: 3cm/40.27″

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Leg Stretcher

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