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Spartan Action Figures

$77.95 $54.95

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A new addition in the Sparta worrier’s society. We bring you Spartan Action Figures for the love of Spartans in you. These amazing action figures will give your room a very vintage and classical feel. Just imagine how cool it’d look to have something from the Spartan region as your own possession. It’s available in four different variants to choose from. Get your hands on West, Spartacus,  Crisis, Sparta Helmet now, to represent your obsession with Spartans. A perfect Gift for all ages.

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Product Features:

  • The design of the figure is delicately made with details
  • Available in 3 action figures and 1 Helmet: West, Spartacus, Crisis, Sparta Helmet
  • Very cool for personal collection 
  • Can be used in office, room shelves, or at any place
  • Perfect Gift for all the Spartan fans

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Metal and Resin
  • Size: 30x25x11 cm

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