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Space-X Crew Tremor Dinosaur

$70.95 $49.95

 Limited Edition! Flat 30% OFF with Free Shipping :male-astronaut:

Dinosaurs have been sighted in space! Yes

Recently, a mission was launched into space with astronauts. The astronauts disclosed to have a dinosaur along with them, which was revealed to be a toy dinosaur acting as a zero-gravity indicator. StoreLucca presents Space-X Crew Tremor Dinosaur in exact similarity with the original toy and a delightful surprise for all space lovers and dinosaur admirers.

Our toy is fully covered with sequins that have dual colors upon stroking the dinosaur. The sequins have a shimmery blue shade on one side, but when stroked to the opposite side, they turn shiny pink. It is the perfect GIFT for kids who are fascinated by space and they follow the missions conducted by astronauts. It can also serve as a good luck charm for children who admire dinosaurs


  • Space-X Crew Tremor Dinosaur 
  • Dual colored sequins cover the toy
  • Great comfort companion toy for kids who love space
  • A special treat for kids who are fond of dinosaurs
  • Perfect gift for children who are space fans and like astronauts


  • Material: Plush, PP Cotton (filling)
  • Size: 40 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Space-X Crew Tremor Dinosaur

“Ships From US, Limited Edition”

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