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Són Gòku Child Action Figure

$56.95 $39.95

Són Gòku Love, Flat 30% OFF for Limited Time :dragon_face:

All those Drà-gon Bàll fans, behold! StoreLucca presents the legendary Són Gòku Child Action Figure in all its glory. The action figure brilliantly replicates the tiniest details of the character. People who admire Són Gòku with his wish-granting dragon ball will be excited to see the monkey tail and the magical staff and use them creatively to play.

 Són Gòku resides on an enchanting cloud, which seems real through its groovy yet smooth texture. The vividly graphical design of the entire figure makes you believe that you have an actual anime character in your house. The structure of the model is leveled and polished. It would look incredible as a part of your room décor and will be the best companion to play with. A perfect gift for all Drà-gon Bàll fans around.


  • Beautifully, and creatively designed with tiniest details
  • Made from high quality and light-weight material
  • Everyone’s favorite Son Goku character looks amazing wherever placed in the room
  • Perfect gift for anime lover especially Dràgon Bàll fans, Son Goky


  • Material: P.V.C
  • Size: 18cm

Package Includes:

  • 1X Són Gòku Child Action Figure

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