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Smart Vege & Fruit Thumb Picker

$35.55 $24.95

Vege, Fruit Thumb Picker with Flat 30% OFF :strawberry:

Picking vegetables and Fruits is a major problem for two reasons: First, it is difficult to carry and use cutter at narrow places, second while cutting, it is difficult to hold vegetables or Fruit you are cutting and it often falls and gets wasted.

Not now when you have our Smart Vege & Fruit Thumb Picker that is precisely made cutter to fit on your thumb and can cut stems quite easily just as you were using your thumb-nail for cutting them. It is made up of sharp steel and your thumb and index figure are protected with strong rubber material to keep your hands safe. Use it for picking fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and you can also use it for cutting dead stems from your plant for gardening. It is of small size and easy to carry in your pocket, just wrap the blades and it is good to go. Now make your garden visit and life more easy and lightweight. A perfect Gift for all Garden, and fresh fruit/ vegetable lovers.

Ships From USA”



  • Smart arc blade design with no corner points
  • Highly protected and safe to use. Covers both thumb and index figure safely
  • Suitable for picking vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and can be used to cut dead stems when gardening
  • Comfortable to wear, finger and thumb cover made up of soft and strong rubber material
  • Small size easy to carry and store in your pocket
  • A perfect Gift for all Garden, and fresh fruit/ vegetable lovers.


  • Size: Large (5.5cm Length x 2.5cm Width), Small (5cm Length x 2.3cm Width)
  • Finger Cover Length: 5cm (Length)
  • Color: Orange

Package Include:

  •  1 Right Angle Thumb Picker with index finger cover + 1 Straight Angle Thumb Picker with index finger cover

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