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Silicone Squeeze Wristband Dispenser

$20.50 $19.95

Squeeze Wristband Dispenser Now Flat 30% OFF :sunglasses: 

There are numerous places a person visits and it isn’t possible to carry hand liquids, lotions, or liquid soap everywhere you go. Don’t worry! Now you can use our innovative Silicone squeeze Wristband Liquid Dispenser that keeps your hands clean and clear anywhere anytime.


  • Keeps your hands clean, clear, and smooth with any skincare liquid anywhere anytime
  • Made from TPU Silicone, has a flexible design, and is soft to touch
  • Available in a standard size that fits all
  • It is comfortably worn on the wrist and is not deformed
  • Has an opening through which it can be easily filled with hand cleaning liquids, lotion, or even soap
  • Conveniently distributes liquid onto your palm by applying pressure on it
  • Comes highly practical when you are going outside whether it is to use the elevator, open doors, travel by the public transport or touch equipment at the gym, etc.
  • A perfect gift for your dear ones


  • Material: TPU Silicone (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Color: Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Gray, Violet
  • Capacity (ml): 6 ml

Package Includes:

1 x Silicone Squeeze Wristband Liquid Dispenser

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