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RockSpace V2.0- Selfie Wireless Speaker

$85.95 $59.95

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While traveling and exploring, we usually run out of phone battery, have to carry speakers separately, selfie stick, and power bank. Carrying them all at the same time is really difficult. Now get the powerful loud high-quality wireless speaker, selfie stick, power bank & more all in 1 gadget. No need to carry all gadgets when you have RockSpace V2.0- Selfie Wireless Speaker.

It is made up of metal and has a powerful 5W speaker with wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. It allows you to take calls, use it as selfie-stick, and charge your phone even when you are taking pictures or recording your video. It has a 2000mAH battery that gives 6-hour backup when fully charged. It has a strong mobile phone holder, AUX connectivity port, TF card port, and USB port for power bank.  Attached to it is a suction cup that allows you to stand your speaker on any plain surface or for recording videos. It also has a torch in it for your ease at night times. Now you can listen to music, take selfies, and charge your device at the same time while exploring places. You can easily carry it in your pocket while traveling as it is highly portable and lightweight. A perfect Gift for your loved ones on every occasion.


  • A multifunction Bluetooth powered selfie stick that allows you to listen to music, take selfies, and charge your device at the same time
  • It is easy to carry with a hook and can be used on multiple occasion for taking photos or listening to music
  • Its cylindrical design allows easy grip and a suction cup at the bottom will keep it stable on an irregular surface or plain surface
  • The 5W powerful speaker is loud clear and gives a high-quality sound experience
  • Now play music, make calls, use it as a selfie stick, recharge phone, and many more all with one gadget
  • A Perfect GIFT for your loved ones.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 180mm (Length) x 55mm (Width) x 53mm (Breadth)
  • Color: Orange, Blue

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