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RGB Waterproof Light Orb

$56.95 $39.95

Modern Home Décor with Flat 30% OFF :sunglasses:

Fairy lights and ordinary lamps only emit one shade of light and are immensely expensive. Their light intensity is sharp and at times not pleasing to the eyes. Now use our RGB Waterproof Light Orb that sets the perfect mood in a room by their various light shades.

This Light Orb is made from toy-grade polyethylene and has a matte surface for a comfortable touch. It modernizes the interior of any part of the house and even transforms your outdoor lawn or poolside for a lavish party. The Orb uses LED lighting technology and emits a range of colored lights. The Orb is waterproof and has floating properties, so it can be used in swimming pools or bathtubs. The light emission is uniform and even so it doesn’t pinch or hurt the eyes. It features 16 different RGB colors and their intensity of brightness can be adjusted by the remote control. With the brightness adjustment feature, it can brilliantly serve as a night light for baby nurseries or near the passageway of the children’s rooms. The dim light helps them sleep peacefully or they can hold the portable Orb while entering a dark room as to not get scared. It features 4 kinds of dynamic lighting modes: Fade, Smooth, Flash, and Strobe. So, whether you need to spice up the room for a party, have a disco ball, or need some soothing light to relax, this Orb fulfills every need.


  • Adds a modish style to your interior décor
  • Made from toy-grade polyethylene, free from all toxic materials
  • Dustproof, floatable and waterproof and could be used in pools or bathtubs
  • Utilizes LED technology and emits uniform light as to not harm the sensitive eyes
  • Features 16 different RGB colors which can be changed through the remote or control button at the bottom
  • The intensity of light can be adjusted from extremely bright to soothing dim
  • The dimness of light can be used for baby nurseries or kids’ rooms to ensure they don’t get scared in the night and sleep peacefully
  • Has 4 kinds of dynamic lighting modes: Fade, Smooth, Flash, and Strobe
  • Suitable for any event like a party, disco ball, date night, or for relaxing
  • A perfect gift for people who are fond of elegant room lights or who go for camping and need a good light source


  • Material: Toy-grade Polyethylene
  • Diameter: 6 inch, 3.7 inch (flat base length)
  • 8450mAh rechargeable battery
  • 8 – 10 hours of long-time lighting
  • USB fast Charging
  • 5 – 2 hours Charging time

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RGB Waterproof Light Orb

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