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ReptilePlush -Chameleon Plush Toy

$56.95 $39.95

Chameleon Love, Flat 30% OFF :lizard:

For the love of Chameleon- Reptiles in you. We bring ReptilePlush™-Chameleon Plush Toy. It is a soft and lightweight toy and can be used as a pillow for anyone who loves fluffy animals around. When place, it gives the look of a real chameleon and is available in 2 colors. It is made up of plush material and filled with PP softest cotton that gives a comfortable feeling when touched. You can GIFT it to anyone who love to have cute animals around, or one who loves chameleon or behave lazily like a chameleon

You should buy this cool product because it’s:

  • Very soft and comfortable material– 100% Polypropylene cotton (PP) Cotton
  • Can be used as a toy + pillow
  • For the love of Chameleon, a fluffy décor to compliment any room decor you want
  • Something that kids will love and appreciate
  • Lightweight, and can be placed anywhere, or stick it to the wall
  • Available in 2 sizes, and 2 colors
  • A warm GIFT on any occasion, or for those who love reptiles



  • Material: Plush, PP soft cotton
  • Size: 70cm, 100cm
  • Color: Green, Burgundy
  • Filling Material: 100% Polypropylene cotton (PP) Cotton

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