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Realistic Infinity Stones – Pre-Order


Are you strong enough to possess the power of all six infinity stones? Well if you can then I got you covered with all six infinity stones. These realistic infinity stone are handmade with great care and perfection to give that realistic look. Stones are made of natural resin and an led light is added inside each stone that is powered by a CR20323 lithium cell. Each stone has an approximate size of 1” by 1.25” and includes a power on/off switch for the led inside the stone.

Get yourself the Soul, Power, Reality, Space and Mind stone and become the being with the most power in hands.

Shipping Will Start on 15th November and the prices will be increased so don’t wait 🙂

We appreciate your patience, and please take this into consideration when ordering. However, if you need your order by a certain date We do offer rush processing for extra. Please contact us beforehand if this is the case!

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