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Quarantined with My Cat Personalized Mug

$28.50 $19.95

Quarantine Special Now Flat 30% OFF :heart_eyes:

In these days of quarantine, the only one who is constant with you is your little kitty, an adorable friend wandering around the house with you, sometimes behind you yawning, jumping, and making your quarantine more fun. Our Quarantined with my Cat Personalized Mug is not an ordinary mug, but to remember 100s of memories with your little partner who is making these days blissful and entertaining. A minimalistic soft-edged pure white-colored ceramic mug with a high-quality printed cat with a name that can be customized with your own cat’s name to make your bond more special

How To Customize:

For a personalized touch, simply send us the name of your cat by replying to the order confirmation email and leave the rest to us.


  • High-quality Ceramic mug, with thermostat property
  • High-quality digital printing makes it look more natural and enhanced
  • The name of the cat can be customized, simply reply to the order confirmation email with the name of your cat
  • A perfect GIFT for your loved ones in the time of quarantine, honor your kitty with a cute memorable mug


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 250-400ml
  • Color: White

”Ships From USA”

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