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PuppyTrainer- Ultrasonic Dog Training Gadget

$42.95 $29.95

Safe & Effective Training with Flat 30% OFF :dog2:

It is essential to train your dogs from an early stage. Training your pet dogs allows you to correct their behavior and instruct them to act in a friendly manner. Now use our PuppyTrainer- Ultrasonic Dog Training Gadget, which provides the owner with a convenient & Safe way of controlling their pet dogs’ bad habits and training them.

This Dog Repellant emits high-frequency sound waves through the slide of a button, which only dogs can hear and is safe for them. The ultrasonic sounds are loud pitched but do not harm the dog’s ears and only irritate them in the safest way. They distract dogs and they find it unpleasant which results in getting their attention and they stop whatever they are doing. It is highly effective in discouraging bad behavior like constant barking or biting. The LED flashes light that also serves as a visual signal for the dogs to discontinue their incorrect behavior and makes them obedient. It is easy to carry and be conveniently held by the strap.
It is the perfect gift for dog owners to train their dogs in an effective and safe manner and also serves highly effective for police service dogs.


  • Highly effective for dog training
  • Emits high-frequency sounds, that only dogs can hear, to train them and is very safe for them as it does not harm them but irritate them
  • These high-pitched ultrasonic waves distract dogs and corrects their misbehavior like biting or consistent barking
  • LED flashes light providing visual signals to dogs to discourage their bad behavior
  • Easy to carry, convenient to hold design
  • A perfect gift for dog owners to efficiently train their dogs without any hassle.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size (mm): 130 x 26 x 40 mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x PuppyTrainer- Ultrasonic Dog Training Gadget

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