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Portable Pop-Up Playpen

$215.00 $149.95

 Playtime with Flat 30% OFF :tent:

Kids are always filled with limitless energy when it is playtime. Excited children often lead to a huge mess that is tiring to clean. Further, when having quality time outdoor, parents are always concerned about their little ones and cannot spend a carefree day at the seaside or in parks. Not anymore! Now spend quality family time outdoor or indoors with our Portable Pop-Up Playpen which is portable enough to carry anywhere with ease and can be open in just one swift motion.

Our Portable Pop-Up Playpen is easy-to-use, lightweight playpen that is both useful in indoors as well as the outdoors. Its innovative Pop-Up and go technology can be assembled in a blink of an eye. Simply, untie the snaps around the playpen and pull up the tent and it launches into a roomy play area. The portable playpen’s frame is made from reinforced fiberglass, for maximum portability. The frame is further strengthened with aluminum that makes the playing area stronger while remaining lighterThe fabric encasing the tent’s frame is 300D Oxford cloth which makes it durable. Tightly-woven heavy-duty weave mesh cover all sides of the playpen, ensuring breathability even in the harshest of the summer heats. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones


  • Ultra-lightweight playpen that can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Its innovative Pop-Up and go technology enables it to be set up in a few seconds
  • Its innovative Hexagonal design affords optimal stability that allows your child to move freely
  • The reinforced fiberglass frame ensures maximum portability while remaining extra lightweight
  • The 300D Oxford cloth ensures harmful UV rays don’t reach your child’s fragile skin
  • It is a perfect gift for all parents.


  • Material: 300D Oxford cloth, Mesh, Fiberglass, and Aluminum 
  • Color: Orange
  • Size (in cm): 150 × 130 × 100cm
  • Weight (in kg): 5 kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Pop-Up Play Pen + 1 x cover

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