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Polar Magnetic Pen

$35.50 $24.95

Creative Polar Love at 30% OFF From Us :black_nib:

Do you like doing creative things while studying? or always wanted your pen to be different and unique then here you go! Our Polar Magnetic Pen is one of its kind with Dis-Integratable magnetic parts that you can use to make magical things. Imagine, with one end you can work on tablets screens or any touch screen, and with another end, you can write with a smooth pen, furthermore, if you want to play and do something crazy by making something, then disintegrate and use the 13 magnetic rings or 12 magnetic balls and create characters of your imagination. Never let your 360° creativity die with our best product. A perfect Gift for anyone around


  • A sole pen to fulfill your creative needs
  • Two heads, one for Gel pen and another for Touch screen
  • 13 pieces magnetic rings and 12 connecting balls
  • 2 Gel pen refills
  • Can dis-integrate to transform into a fidget toy
  • Make a revolver, a spring, a motorbike, or use as a compass in need
  • Help you in small live hacks like drawing a perfect circle and more
  • It’s a must stationary to have and a perfect GIFT for anyone you are planning to give a Gift.


  • Material: Magnet, Metal
  • Size (Length): 13.5cm
  • Diameter: 1cm
  • Color: Black, Gold, silver

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