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Ping Pong Beer Gaming Hat

$29.95 $19.95


New Year Special: Flat 56% OFF! :boom::boom:

Challenge yourself and others with your favorite drinking game by rotating your head into a moving target when playing beer pong. WE BRING YOU! Ping Pong Beer Gaming Hat. This inflatable Beer Hat allows you to play anytime, anywhere without needing a bulky table. ISN’T IT GREAT! It also doubles as an Excellent College Graduation Cap for fun. Add a little twist to your game with our Ping Pong beer hat. Just fill these little cups with beer and compete with your partner and see you who wins!


  • Made of Environmental Protection PVC which is safe to use!
  • An excellent game for parties and get together. Play it anywhere and anytime.
  • Get your most competitive drinking buddy and see who can really toss like a boss.
  • Just imagine how fun this hat pong would add to the normal game.


  • Material: Environmental Protection PVC
  • Weight:8 kg
  • Size: 40cm*40cm*40cm
  • Item Name: Water Toys

Package include:

  • 1pcs Floating Pong Hat


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