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Pet Hair Removing Brush Set


 Pet Fur-Free Home with Flat 30% OFF :dog2:

Pets are like your little adorable family members and they light up your lives with their lively presence. However, pet owners do face problems with pet hair and fur that cling to pieces of furniture and even their clothes. They are so strongly adhered to the fabric that it is extremely difficult to remove them. Cleaning it by hand only spreads them all over, making it harder to manage. Don’t worry, now you can use our Pet Hair Removing Brush, which wipes off every fiber of hair or fur from everywhere.

This Brush is effective in removing pet hair, fur, and even lint with one swipe from your clothes, furniture, carpet, beds, car seats, etc. It is easy to use by wiping against the bristles of the Brush. It comes in 2 sizes for your convenience which is included in the package. It has an efficient double-sided design, which provides a coupled effect to clean the mess faster and more conveniently. With our Brush, the pet owners don’t have to worry about discarding the hair mess into the bin, as the Brush is made to self-clean itself. Simply dip the brush into the cleaning base, the hair/fur/lint are all automatically cleaned and collected at the bottom once you pull the Brush out from the base. The base tray can be easily discarded later.
It is the perfect gift for pet owners who love their pets but are troubled with fur or pet hair all over their place.


  • A quick and effective way to clean pet hair/fur/lint from your furniture, clothes, carpets, beds, car seats, etc.
  • Includes 2 size brushes in the package for your convenience
  • Efficient takes only one swipe to clean the mess
  • Easy to use by swiping it against the bristles of the brush
  • The double-sided design makes cleaning faster
  • The self-cleaning mechanism automatically cleans the mess from the brush by simply dipping it into the base tray
  • The hair/fur/lint is collected at the bottom of the base tray and can be easily discarded later
  • A perfect gift for all pet owners


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue, Orange, Red, Gray
  • Size: 33 x 7 x 4 cm (big), 13.5 x 6 (small)

Package Includes:

1 x Pet Hair Removing Brush

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