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PerfectCook Cooking Egg Timer Gadget

$35.50 $24.95

For Egg lovers, Flat 30% OFF :egg:

Boiling an egg right is a very hard task, sometimes you get soft boiled and sometimes overcooked that make egg loss all its nutritional value. Our PerfectCook ™ Cooking Egg Timer Gadget is an egg-like temperature changing gadget that is made up of food-grade resin and a natural timer in it allows you to have your egg boiled just the right way you wanted. It has the property to absorb the heat and change color based on the temperature of the water which allows you to see when the egg is soft boiled and when it is hard-boiled. The material used is non-toxic and durable that doesn’t melt or is affected by heat. Get one and never over/under boil egg again. A perfect Gift for egg lovers.


  • The timer is Heat sensitive and absorbs the heat to change color and indicate the egg cooking status
  • Gradually change in color can be observed very easily which shows when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sensing heat instead of time
  • With this, eggs will no longer be overcooked, so all the nutrition remains in the egg
  • Environmental food-grade resign materials easy to use and non-toxic
  • Can be presented as a worthy GIFT to your loved ones who love to eat boiled eggs

How to use: 

  • when boiling an egg, place this gadget along with the eggs. Red color on the gadget indicates the portion of an egg not cooked, and changing white color indicates the portion cooked.


  • Material: Non-Toxic Resign
  • Size:6 cm x 4 cm (Diameter)
  • Color: Transparent

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