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PenStyle- Pocket Mouse and Stylus

$57.50 $39.95

Smart Pen Mouse & Stylus, FLAT 30% OFF :three_button_mouse:

Ordinary mouse don’t provide flexibility and ease during work. Ordinary mouse need a ridged surface to make it work. Further, having a mouse that works on a computer plus also works as a stylus is unique and is a dream for every computer or tablet user. Now get both in 1 pen-style mouse and stylus with our Pocket Mouse & Stylus.

Our Pocket Mouse & Stylus is a smart device that can solve all your problems. It has a mouse functionality that can easily fit into your hand like a pen with all the buttons of need and even a scrolling wheel. You can connect it with your computer using a USB transmitter. Unlike ordinary mouse that requires a ridged surface to operate, this pen-like mouse allows you to work on any surface like side of the sofa, on you pent, on the wall or even on the bumpy surface of the keyboard and it works just like a pen. You just have to turn it ON and it begins to work. There is also a Stylus on one end which allows you to work on the touch screen of any kind. It is a very flexible device that will not let you regret once you buy it. Get one for yourself and GIFT it to your loved ones as well.


  • Ergonomic design very comfortable to hold between fingers provide a strong grip
  • Use optical tracking technology to make the mouse work on any kind of surface, providing you complete control with flexibility
  • It has a stylus on one end which is highly accurate, it can work on touch screens of any kind
  • There are 4 buttons and a switch to turn on its functionality, all these buttons allow you to have functionalities of a mouse
  • It is powered with a ‘AAA’ battery which is easily replaceable, a USB connector makes you connect with your system and allow high standard 2.4GHZ communication with your computer
  • This advance mouse can work with every operating system from Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux, and Macintosh.
  • You can also GIFT it to your loved ones as a worthy present on every occasion


  • Size (cm): 14*2*1.5 cm (easily fits in the palm of your hand just like pen)
  • Color: Black + Gray

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