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Paw Rights Awareness Pin

$42.95 $29.95

For All Animal Lovers Flat 30% OFF :paw_prints:

Every living being deserves love and the right to be treated with respect. In a world where animal pets are considered a part of the family, it is hurtful to see them the target for unkind behavior. Animals are just not your pets, but they are your loyal companions who maintain a lovable relationship with you through every tough time. They are breathing, living beings just like us and deserve love, care, and attention. Wear our Paw Rights Awareness Pin and show your support against animal abuse.

This Pin is made with metal and has a smooth high-quality matte finish. It is designed in the shape of a ribbon and embellished with paws on one side. It is available in two prominent color combinations: Golden and Silver, which appear striking on every outfit. Though the animal can’t express their pain, the paws represent their silent call to be treated with love.
It is a must-have and a perfect gift for all people to be sensitive regarding the issue of animal abuse.


  • Stylish Paw embellished pin
  • Available in two vibrant color combinations
  • Shows support for animal rights
  • Makes you a representative to speak up against animal abuse on behalf of animals
  • A must-have and a perfect gift for all people to show their support towards animals


  • Material: Metal
  • Design: Paw Ribbon Pin
  • Color: Golden, Silver

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Paw Rights Awareness Pin

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