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ParaDrone- Drone View Photography Parachute

$78.95 $54.95

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Drone cameras sound tempting for amazing shots from an elevated angle but they are highly expensive to afford and are too risky to operate if you are new to it. They are complicated with their tricky hardware and it’s difficult to comprehend them. Our ParaDrone™ Drone View Photography Parachute provides people with a cost-effective solution with the same pictures/recording similar to drones from a specific height. It gives a brilliant view from an elevated angle without any effort and is perfect for cinematography shots.

The parachute consists of a base, which has a silicone case for the GoPro Hero Camera series. The silicone case is waterproof and the thin Lens Protector Film keeps the camera safe from any scratches. The camera fits in the case but locks safely with a screw key provided. The parachute executes aerial photography incredibly from the height of 8 meters or more based on your throw. It allows you to give your special moments and places a new dimension and provides an extraordinary view of your pictures. Whether you are having fun at the beach, hiking through lush green trees, watching a sunset from a cliff, our Parachute captures the true essence of moments in the pictures by simply flinging it into the air.

It is the perfect GIFT for people who are photography enthusiasts or even nature lovers who like to capture beautiful scenes.


  • Economical price with perfect shots and high-quality resolution
  • Brilliant for aerial view self-portrait angles
  • Compatible with the GoPro Camera series
  • The camera is securely enclosed in a waterproof silicone case
  • The camera is further locked with a screw key provided in the package
  • A Lens Protector Film keeps the camera safe from scratches
  • Now take similar drone shots from 8 meters or more
  • A perfect gift for people who are passionate about photography 


  • Material: Silicone Case, Plastic
  • Compatible Camera Brand: GoPro

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ParaDrone™ Drone View Photography Parachute

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