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Ollie V2.0 Racing Robot

$113.95 $79.95

Racing Robot with Flat 30% OFF:sunglasses:

Upgrade yourself with the future of racing with our Ollie V2.0 Racing Robot and never get bored again.

Our Ollie V2.0 is a perfect combination of two things, the first one is speed and the second is tricks. With its super high speed of 14 MPH, this small robot looks like a sports car on the track. It is controlled by a mobile phone application and you can use your gestures to control it. You can do amazing tricks with it as its polycarbonate body is highly durable and won’t break no matter what trick you do like drive fast, spin, crash, jump, drift, etc. It is super easy to connect just bring your phone near the robot and click connect from the application and it will connect instantly through Bluetooth that can be operated from 100 feet. USB charging provides more than hour of play without any interruption. The controlling application encourages every new trick which motivates you to even work more. It is a perfect choice over other expensive toys that cannot have these features, get one for yourself and get one for your loved one, GIFT them, and play with them and never get bored again.


  • Easy to control with mobile phone application and gestures controls
  • It has a speed of 14 MPH. You can crash it, jump, spin, and drift and many more tricks can be done with this cool robot
  • Ollie’s durable shell is made with Polycarbonate that can handle every type of shock 
  • It includes 2 blue Tires and 2 Prime Hubs for all-terrain driving which are changeable
  • It gets instantly connects via Bluetooth SMART, with a range of 100 feet, you just have to bring your mobile near the robot and it’s all ready to roll
  • USB charging provides more than hour of play without any interruption
  • Upgrade your racing choice and replace traditional cars with the super robot and GIFT one to your buddy as well and never get bored again


  • Material: Polycarbonate (outer shell)
  • Size: 10 x 4.33 x 4.76 inches
  • USB charging
  • Bluetooth range: 100 feet

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ollie V2.0 ™ Racing Robot

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