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Multipurpose Mobile Phone Holder

$28.50 $19.95

Mobile Safety Stand with Flat 30% OFF :iphone:

Almost everyone cannot find the perfect place to keep their mobile phones while it’s charging. This is due to the distance from the switchboard, as we sometimes need to use the extension cables, which are quite messy. Further, ordinary phone holders that can be pasted near switchboards do not fulfill our needs, as it is not fully featured for all purposes. Not now, as our Multipurpose Mobile Phone Holder is a secure, non-slip, case-shaped stand with a key holder that keeps the mobile phones or tablets protected and close to your electricity board.

This Mobile Phone Holder has a 3M adhesive tap, which conveniently and strongly mounts the holder onto the surface without coming off. It can be pasted onto any smooth surface such as walls, wood, metal, marble tiles, etc. The case is transparent and does not block the screen display, which means you can also watch your favorite videos on a mobile phone if placed near your bed and you can even check who’s calling. The case securely holds the mobile device or tablets aligning perfectly with the charging cable. Our Holder has four hooks at the front that can be efficiently used to hang different personal items like keys, headphones, data cables, or any light-weighted object. This helps to keep your room organized and clean.
The mobile can also be placed vertically as the holder has a charging socket hole at the base for easy charging.

It is the perfect gift for all those people who have trouble keeping their phones safe during charging or keeping them near while they are relaxing in the bed 


  • Prevents mobile phone from falling from the table or scratch against the floors
  • The case-shaped stand has a non-slip base that keeps mobile safe
  • The holder can be pasted onto any surface like walls, wood, marble tiles, metal, etc. with its 3M adhesive tape, which sticks the holder securely.
  • It can be docked anywhere for your convenience like near the power sockets or the bedside
  • The case is transparent and does not block the screen display for you to enjoy a movie or see your notifications
  • The holder has four hooks that can be used to hang any small items like data cables, earphones or keys, etc.
  • It keeps your room organized and avoids the long mess of tangled wires
  • The base of the holder has a hole that allows users to charge their phone vertically.
  • A perfect gift for everyone to keep their expensive mobiles or tablet at a safe place during charging mode


  • Material: PP plastic
  • Size: 12 x 7 x 2.5 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Multipurpose Mobile Phone Holder

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