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Mandala Flower Skull Ring

$35.95 $24.95

Antique Skull Ring with Flat 30% OFF :skull:

Mandala Flower Skull Ring is a novelty jewelry accessory. It has a rusty silver finish that provides an antique look to the ring. This Ring is exceptionally unique in design, as it combines the Skull and the Mandala Flower. Skull represents darkness whereas the Mandala Flower depicts hope, love, and life. The Ring is crafted and shaped skillfully in the form of the Skull with delicate and fine designs of the Mandala Flower. Due to its vintage appearance, it can complement any outfit.
It is the perfect gift for people who like wearing rings with unusual designs, bikers, or those who are fond of gothic fashion.


  • Novelty Ring, unusual in design
  • Rusty silver finish providing an antique look
  • Combines the Skull and the Mandala Flower
  • Puts together darkness and hope in the design
  • Crafted and shaped skillfully
  • Carved Skull with intricate Mandala Flowers
  • The vintage look can match with any dress
  • A perfect gift for people who uniquely designed rings, bikers or gothic fashion lovers


  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Size (mm):
Size Circumference (mm)
7 54 mm
8 57 mm
9 60 mm
10 62 mm
11 65 mm
12 67 mm
13 70 mm
14 73 mm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mandala Flower Skull Ring

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