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Macbook & Tablet 100% Protection Pouch

$63.95 $44.95

360 Degree Protection at 30% OFF Now :computer:

Laptops are delicate products and you can lose them if fallen from a height. Further dust & water is dangerous for your tablets and laptops, especially during rain. So special care is needed. Now Don’t be fearful about losing your notebook, Macbook or Tablet. Protect your device with the best durable and well-engineered pouch. Our Macbook & Tablet 100% Protection Pouch is a shock-resistant, water & dust repellent, an anti-scratch-able pouch made up of eco-friendly EVA silicon rubber with a strong TPU frame & magnetic poles closure. Now walk fearlessly when you have this amazing pouch with you. A perfect GIFT for all laptop, and tablet holders.


  • Shock-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, & anti scratchable pouch to protect your device from 360
  • Lightweight, EVA rubber surface material and TPU frame with magnetic closure ends
  • Shock-absorbing surface to provide maximum protection, even if it accidentally falls on the ground
  • Sleek slim design
  • Water repellent to make sure you won’t get stressed in rainy weather
  • ISO2000 and ROHS Certified Product to ensure you get 100% protection
  • Can be a worthy GIFT for your loved ones who have a laptop, or tablets


  • Material: EVA Rubber surface, TPU Frame
  • Models: MacBook Air 13 A1932, MacBook Pro 16 A2141, MacBook Pro 13 A1708 | A1989 | A1959, MacBook Pro 15 A1707 | A1990, IPad Pro 12.9
  • Size: 11-12 inches, 13 inches, 13.3 inches, 14-15.4 inches
  • Color: Black, Pink, Gray


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