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Luminous Poker Card Deck

$49.95 $34.95

For Poker lovers Flat 30% OFF :spades:

Playing poker may have become a boring experience with old cards and no fun in-game at all while playing with friends and family. Our Luminous Poker Card Deck is a unique integration to your poker or other card games with the fluorescent property. It is of black color and it glows in dark and in low light with beautiful respective cards pattern. To make your cards game more amazing you can play outdoor with your friends and family and can play while turning lights off as it looks immensely beautiful in dark hence a cool and new way to play cards. A perfect GIFT for all card game lovers.


  • Unique and sleek design that glows in dim or no light due to its fluorescent property
  • Can be played outside in low light with friends and family
  • A unique way of playing cards at home with friends by turning lights off
  • Cards glow in dark make it look more attractive and dominant
  • A perfect GIFT for poker lovers


  • Material: Paper Card
  • Size: 2.5 (Width) x 3.5 (Height)

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