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LivePlant Self-Watering Basket

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For Plant Lovers, Flat 30% OFF :seedling:

Planting is a wonderful hobby but it is difficult to maintain because of irrigation maintenance and continuous care. Watering plants is an everyday activity and it usually holds you back when you have busy schedules to maintain, further, plants at height are also difficult to reach & their water leaking from the ordinary basket also makes a mess.

Our LivePlant™ Self-Watering Basket is made with a system to self-water plants that keep them alive even when you are away. With this basket, plant irrigation is just a time of once a week and the system installed in the basket makes the plants irrigated for the whole week.  It includes water absorption threads falling in a basket to provide continuous delivery of water to the roots of plants. This is the true representation of nature lovers, get one for yourself and GIFT it to the person who loves nature.


  • Automatic irrigation system for plants
  • Water absorption and storage system will keep continuous water supply when It is needed by roots
  • Leakage proof basket to promote water-saving and limited usage
  • Durable material basket with a unique design to hide the internal system and show perfect design outside
  • With strong chains, it will make the hanging basket more firm
  • Best GIFT for all your loved ones who love planting


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size (cm):

  • Color: Gray, White, Red, Blue, Green, Coffee, Black


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