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LIMITED EDITION Beat The Friends Cards Game

$86.50 $34.95


Are you a proper FRIENDS fan? Does your brain automatically decode when someone says “How you doin’?” to the legendary phrase “PIVOT!” Then here’s a treat for you guys. Test your knowledge of how well you know Monica, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe. Oh wait, they don’t know that we know they know!
We bring you a pack of “Beat the Friends cards” featuring all FRIENDS’ comebacks and jokes. Test your devotion to the world’s greatest show ever through these amazing game cards.
The game will comprise a pack of 81 black cards and 269 white cards making a total of 350 cards. With this interesting and engaging game, you’ll never feel bored.
From London to Yamen, to Tulsa, the growth of each character over the course of the show had us all rooting for each of them along the way. And now that we know what happened along the way, we can make some fun out of it. So grab yours NOW and enjoy the benefit of this amazing Limited Discount before it ends.
Perfect Gift for FRIENDS fans ❤️

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