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Labradorite Stone Dragon’s Heart Necklace

$35.50 $24.95

Lucky Charm Necklace with Flat 30% OFF

Our lucky charm necklace has a pendant that is made from a beautiful Labradorite Stone. It represents the Dragon’s Heart, which is mostly worn as an amulet or a lucky charm. The Labradorite is considered the stone of magic to help you reconnect with nature and used as an important crystal with healing powers.

The pendant is wonderfully encased with a warp, threaded, and twisted delicately to give a stylish look. Furthermore, the warp styles the pendant into a necklace that gives the stone a skin contact that amplifies its impact. When worn around the neck, the Labradorite Stone emits positive energies, enhances intuitive abilities, and brings about an optimistic change from within. It is responsible for transforming anxiety into calmness and keeping the person humble. The color of the stone magnificently refracts light and provides a green, blue tint to it that projects a peaceful emotion like water. The Labradorite is a cleansing stone that provides clarity to the mind between negativity and troubles. It takes the person to a higher peaceful state when used during meditation.

It is the perfect GIFT for your loved ones. It conveys the importance of your dear ones in your life and how protective you feel of them.


  • Symbolizes the Dragon’s Heart which serves as a protective charm against negative energies
  • The Labradorite stone has healing powers
  • The stone emits positive energy, enhances intuitive abilities
  • Transforms anxiety into calmness and brings an optimistic change in the person
  • The stone also balances metabolism and hormones
  • Wrapped in threaded and twisted warp mesh that gives the stone a direct contact with the skin
  • The stone refracts light rays and makes the stone appear greenish-blue, which make it appear peaceful
  • Must-have jewelry for everyone to wear
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones


  • Material: Labradorite Stone, Warp
  • Length: 98 cm
  • Pendant Size: 37 x 35 mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Labradorite Stone Dragon’s Heart Necklace

“Ships From US”

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