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KnotFree 2-Piece Cord Tightener

$49.95 $34.95


Free Yourself From Knot with 30% OFF :heart_eyes:

Tightening rope/cord and then making knots is always a hectic task as DIY, whether you are camping, moving any object from one place to another, or doing anything that requires you to make a knot or tightening cord around. Our KnotFree™ 2-Piece Cord Tightener has made this task tension free and less exhausting. It excludes the need of making a knot and automatically locks strongly simply by straining the rope. It automatically fixes a knot as per your desire. The lanyard hook is multifunctional and can be easily used for numerous occasions, covering all indoor and outdoor activities. The cord tightener can easily be fit in your bag pack or you could even carry it in your pocket. It is available with two ropes of 2.4 m length. A must-have for all DIY and a Perfect Gift on any occasion for your DIY pals


  • Knot free, portable, lightweight cord tightener for all DIYs
  • Combinational carabineer clip and cam mechanism
  • Fit for regular cord size of 2-5mm
  • Wraps and secures all kind of loads
  • High strength nylon fiberglass material makes it durable
  • Innovative, and robust design for easy one-hand operation
  • Quick and easy way to tighten the rope wherever you want
  • 2 pcs of cord tightener with two 2.4m ropes available in one pack
  • A perfect gift for all DIYs out there.


  • Size:5mm (Height) x 35.1mm (Width) x 15.mm (Breadth)
  • Color: Black

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