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Knee Protective Brace

$42.95 $29.95

Protective Knee Gear with Flat 30% OFF :relieved:

Exercise, playing sports, and going to the gym are all healthy activities that keep your body fit. However, extensive workouts or sports games might result in injuries or bruises around the joints. Keep your knees safe by wearing our Knee Protective Brace that allows you to move, exercise, run, or involve in any physical sports activity without any fear of bruises or sprains.

This Protective brace is made of polyester and offers elasticity and durability. It firmly and perfectly wraps around the knee. It comes with a coil spring that supports agile movements and helps the knee to move quickly and comfortably. A thick silicone guard further protects the kneecap. This gives effective and secure protection against sprains or falls during any athletic movements.
It is the perfect gift for all sports playing people who play, train, go to the gym, play football, volleyball or run laps, etc.


  • Provides extra padding to the kneecaps to avoid any injuries during sports, gym workouts, etc.
  • Made of polyester that provides elasticity and strong grip around the knee area
  • The coil spring allows free athletic and fast movements
  • The thick silicone guard protects the knees against bruises and falls
  • A perfect gift for all sporty people or even those who go for hiking


  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Gray, Light Blue, Black, Blue, Green, Red
  • Size:
Size Thigh Circumference
S 30 – 36 cm
M 36 – 42 cm
L 42 – 48 cm
XL 48 – 55 cm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Knee Protective Brace

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