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InlaughingColors Thermal RGB Corner Lamp

$242.50 $169.95

Beautiful lamp with Flat 30% OFF :couch_and_lamp:

Color affects your mood, change in color can handle mood swings and make you more relaxed. Room corners are the most lonely places, there can be multiple placements to enhances the look of corners but our Thermal RGB Corner Lamp is of another level décor that will not only make it look cool but also modernize the concept of RGB controlling lights.

The Lamp is made up of aluminum and it has RGB thermal light to make your room glow in a very self-selective manner. The RGB thermal light can illuminate more than 16 million colors and 300+ multi-color effects and modes with dimming control option to set color according to your mood. It is controlled by a remote and has 30 meters signal length that allows you to customize the lights by sitting on your bed and beyond. This can be a wonderful GIFT for the person you love. And a must to have in your room corner


  • Select Color option as per your liking
  • Remote controlled with 30-meter signal range
  • 16+ million RGB colors and more than 300 multi-color effects
  • Lightweight and easy to place in corners, wherever you like
  • Light dimming technology to set it as per your mood
  • A perfect GIFT for everyone for any occasion


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Input Voltage: 100- 240 V
  • Size: 140cm (Height)
  • Lamp Body Color: Black

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