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Infrared Thermometer

$114.95 $79.95

Limited Time 30% Discount.

Today, delay in treatment means losing your precious life. Checking your body temperature is not a need today but a necessity. Your chances of survival increases when you get diagnosed earlier. But wait! Ordinary thermometers are dangerous in today’s outbreak. They can increase the chance that you may get infected since it is exposed to the environment and needs body contact to measure temperature. And when you use that same thermometer to another person in your family, things might get worse.

This Infrared Thermometer not only gives you real-time temperature reading but also “safety” as it is not attached to any body part as we do with ordinary thermometers for reading. Infrared Thermometer includes three sensors to precisely measure the temperature and a vibration acknowledgment system that make sure to vibrate as soon as the test is done. It is a must to have an adaptive thermometer that can be easily fit into your pocket or bag.


  • Safe, Secure, and doesn’t requires anybody contact
  • Advance temperature sensor technology for precise results
  • Includes Environmental temperature compensation sensor, greenhouse sensor, distance sensor
  • Extra-large screen digital display
  • Vibration acknowledgment system to remind testing is completed
  • Easy to use; by placing a sensor near the forehead, it gives a precise body temperature reading
  • Help you in time of virus breakouts to continuously monitor your health
  • Fast and hygienic, with sleek design. Easy to carry in the pocket all the time even if you are traveling with someone.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size:  5.39 inches (Length) x 1.34 inches (Width) x 1.54 inches (Breadth)
  • Color: White

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