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Ice Silk Cotton Summer Blanket

$63.95 $44.95

Cool Summer Blanket with Flat 30% OFF :sleeping_accommodation:

It is difficult to get a good night’s sleep in the summers. The mattress gets warm as it is dense and absorbs energy from your body heat. As a result, you spend the night twisting and turning and the lack of sleep affects your health. Now you can use our Ice Silk Cotton Summer Blanket in the summer season to sleep peacefully.

This Summer Blanket is stuffed with 100% silk thread filing and finest cotton material without any piling that makes it durable to use. It provides the softness of texture and the comfort needed while sleeping. The fabric is sweat absorbent and super breathable, which allows it to give a cool sensation when draped while sleeping. It is thin and lightweight, so it doesn’t inconveniently burden the body in the summers.
It is the perfect gift for families during the humid hot summer season.


  • Useful for a peaceful sleep in the summers
  • The blanket is fully stuffed with 100% silk thread and high-quality cotton
  • The filling provides a soft, fluffy and comfortable texture to the blanket
  • The ice silk cotton provides a refreshing and cool feeling when draped over while sleeping as it sweat-absorbent and super breathable
  • Lightweight and can be easily folded, stored or washed
  • A perfect gift for families to have a good sleep in summers


  • Material: Ice Silk Cotton
  • Color: Peach, Beige, Blue, Pink, Purple
  • Size: 150 x 200 cm (Single Size), 180 x 200 cm(Queen Size),  200 x 230 cm (King Size)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ice Silk Cotton Summer Blanket

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