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HorseProtective- Anti-Mosquito Face Net

$42.95 $29.95

Horses’ Protective Mask with Flat 30% OFF :racehorse:

Horses, out in the open, experience a lot of disturbance from insects, mosquitoes and are even harmed by hot UV sun rays. Their eyes, ears and the entire face is the most sensitive and can cause serious problems if horses’ faces are not protected from flies, bites of insects or harmful hot sun rays. Now keep your horses safe by making them wear our HorseProtective- Anti-Mosquito Face Net that covers their entire face till the neck.

This Face Net is a s afety headwear for horses that keeps them protected from insects like mosquitoes, bugs, flies, etc. that cause them irritation. It has a unique design that covers the entire face and nose area till the neck, effectively keeping the horses protected. It is made from Fluff material and Net Mesh, which is durable, comfortable, soft, and most importantly breathable to wear. It allows room for air ventilation and horses can breathe without any difficulty. The net mesh also allows them to be safe while their vision remains unobstructed and they can see clearly. It keeps the horse’s delicate features like eyes and ears protected from harmful sun rays and prevents any flying or insects biting on their face. It has Velcro Straps that ensures the Face Net fits perfectly.
It is a must-have for all horse owners or people who look after the stables.


  • Safety headwear for horses
  • Keeps the horses protected from insects like mosquitos, bugs, flies
  • The entire mask protects the face: eyes, ears, and nose from insect bites and harmful sun rays
  • Made from Fluff material and Net Mesh, which is soft, stretchable and comfortably fits the horse like a glove
  • The net mesh allows the mask to be breathable and does not block the vision of the horse
  • Closure by Velcro Straps
  • A must-have for people who own horses


  • Material: Fluff, Net Mesh
  • Size: S, M, L, XL

Package Includes:

  • 1 x HorseProtective- Anti-Mosquito Face Net

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