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HomeFitness Door Horizontal Bar

$70.95 $49.95

 Stay Home, Stay Fit with Flat 30% OFF:muscle:

Fitness is an important factor for a healthy life. Exercise strengthens your immune system and keeps you healthy and active. Due to tight routines, exercise can be a difficult thing to do. Our HomeFitness™ Door Horizontal Bar is a durable door bar that allows you to do more than 10 exercises at home at any time you want.

It is easy to place and adjust as per your need within your door frame. Its soft grip allows you to do perfect pull-ups, chin-ups, pull-up burpees, and many other core, legs, chest, back, abs and shoulders workout. Its adjustability and capacity of holding 85+ KGs make it different from the others present in the market. Get one and exercise whenever you want, you can GIFT it to your loved ones whom do you want to see fit.


  • You can do 10+ exercises at home including pull-ups, burpee pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging knee raise, knee to elbow, hanging leg rise and more
  • Highly adjustable and can be placed at the proper height of your need
  • You can do gym exercises at home at any time you want
  • Maximum weight capacity of 85+ KGs
  • The bar is easy to take down when not in use
  • Soft grip to make sure you do not loss grip will work out
  • Easy to use and a great way to exercise at home, a perfect home workout equipment
  • Can be presented as a GIFT to your loved ones whom you want to see fit and healthy


  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 62 ~ 100 cm
  • Color: Black and Red

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