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Handmade Glass Pen

$24.95 $14.95

Take yourself back in time when people used to write with pens made of wood and glass that required continuous dipping in ink to write. We bring you one of the most artistic ways to write using a Glass pen that itself is a true piece of art. Write amazing letters in true vintage style.
Each pen is expertly made using Glass soda-lime and has been crafted into a beautiful floral design. The tip of the pen is delicately designed into spirals to hold the maximum amount of ink that’ll last up to 60 words or more.
The pen is an eye-catching piece of decor that can go into your office or be kept at your working table for your signature or writing notes.
The nib must be dipped in ink before writing.
To avoid blots, swipe the nib at the edge of the ink pot to remove excess ink.
Once the nib stops dripping ink the pen will be ready to write with.
This glass pen is a perfect gift for anyone and promises to be loved by the one you give it too. It is available in five colours i.e Light blue, Navy blue, Green, Orange and Pink.
Product Information:
Type: Glass Pen
Material: Glass Soda Lime
Handmade Item
Size: 7”
Weight: 140g

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