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Handheld Electric Siphon Pump

$27.95 $19.95

Liquid Transfer Fast Pump with Flat 30% OFF :fuelpump:

Liquid transfer whether it’s oil, petrol, or water is always difficult from one container to another. Most of the time, the pouring process spills all over and it leads to wastage. Furthermore, if you are using a beaker to transfer, the entire activity takes up a lot of effort and is time-consuming. Now use our Handheld Electric Siphon Pump, which is cost-saving and is convenient to transfer all non-corrosive liquids.

This Siphon Pump is easy to hold and due to the electric operation, it transfers liquid easily and faster than ordinary methods. It has an impeller head that effectively increases the process of suctioning liquids at a faster rate of nine quarts a minute. It operates efficiently with the batteries intact. The Siphon Pump has a simple design without any hassle of spillage, wastage of expensive liquids like petrol or gasoline, and does the job efficiently. Not only liquid transfer, but it also pumps gas/air into inflatable materials making it multifunctional. It comes highly useful in daily chores and can be used in garages, bathrooms, shops or gardens, etc.
It is a must-have household item for everyone and can also be the perfect gift to anyone.


  • Avoid liquids getting spilled or wasted due to ordinary methods of transfer
  • This Siphon Pump is cost-effective and has a simple design, which is easy to hold
  • Battery operated, faster method of transferring liquids
  • Impeller head increases the suctioning process at the fast rate of nine quarts a minute
  • Multifunctional, not only liquids but also pumps gas/air into inflatable objects
  • Can be used for daily chores in the garage, bathrooms, shops, gardens, or carrying in the car for transfer of gasoline when needed, etc.
  • A perfect gift for everyone to have an efficient household item


  • Material: PE
  • Size: 58 cm long
  • Power: 2 D Batteries (Not included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Handheld Electric Siphon Pump

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