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HandFit -Portable Vacuum Cleaner

$42.50 $29.95

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Do you face a problem in cleaning porous material and food crumbs on floor, countertop or on your sofa! or want to clean your car seat with an instant portable vacuum pump? No need to use paper towels anymore when there is HandFit™ -Portable VacuumCleaner that fits in your hand palm.

It can easily suck all small & sticky particles form shelves, dining table, etc. You can clean your car seat, sofa, clean dog hair from your cushions in a fun and very attractive way, and can run over any surface that you want to clean. A must buy GIFT for everyone all you love and care about


  • Powerful 800 RPM Cyclone Micro-Vortex Motor
  • Small in size to fit in your hand, and is highly portable. Can be stored in your drawer, bag, or in your car dashboard & even in your pocket
  • Has fusion mesh HEPA Air Filter
  • Crumb busting brush bristles for deep cleaning of rough surface
  • Fast and Easy to use
  • Luxurious Copper metallic color
  • Clean food crumbs, pet hairs, car seats, and many more in an instance
  • Can Run over on any surface i.e. floor, bed, sofa, etc.
  • Perfect for each and every person you know around because they all need cleanliness.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Metallic Shining Copper Color

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