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GreenHub- Floating Flower Pot

$114.49 $79.95

 Limited Floating Discount, 30% OFF Now :four_leaf_clover:

You always want to flaunt something unique and extraordinary when you invite guests to come over. Floating Flower Pot, with its unusual appearance, instantly becomes a conversation piece amongst people.  It almost seems like a magic trick when the pot seamlessly hovers above the base. The pot utilizes advance magnetic levitation technology and through the strong magnetic repulsion, the pot stays suspended.

Water from the plant pot is discharged through an automatic water elimination system. With its zero gravity, the pot is in continuous rotation. As a result, the outdoor plants get maximum sunlight from every possible angle. However, the shade-tolerant plants become an exceptional room décor that looks aesthetically modern these days.  It can be a perfect and distinctive GIFT for plant lovers, art lovers, and anyone you know around.


  • Unique maglev suspension technology
  • Modern and artistic ornament for your office, living room and more
  • Zero gravity growing system with 360° rotation to provide sunlight completely
  • Magnetic Levitation technology makes the pot afloat in the air and charms people
  • A distinctive GIFT for Plant lovers


  • Material: Plastic and wood
  • Base Size: 13.2cm (height) x 13.2cm (width) x 2.8cm (breadth)
  • Pot Color: White
  • Wood Style: Gum Wood, Red Oak Wood, Butternut Wood

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