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Golden Skull Dice


Vintage Skull Dice with Flat 30% OFF:game_die:

We all love to play dice games but using ordinary dot dices feel boring sometimes. Not now as we bring you our unique vintage-looking Golden Skull Dice that looks dope and very cool while playing. These dices have skulls in them rather than just simple dots and the skulls are available in 3 colors to choose from. The skulls are precisely crafted with attention to detail and each side of the dice has small cool looking vintage skulls to represent numbers. These vintage style skull dice looks so amazing that you can place it on your table as a decoration or simply use it for playing games you’re your friends and family. This skull dice will surely be your lucky dice. Gift it to your loved ones who love to play dice games or want to have a cool vintage-looking dice in their collection.


  • Unique Vintage style dice that will surely be your lucky one
  • Make your games more interesting with this vintage style skull dice
  • Precisely crafted skulls with attention to detail for each side of the dice
  • Can be used as a décor to complement your table as a unique vintage vibe
  • Play games in a new style, use them for poker, Ludo, dice roller quiz and more games to have more fun in a new style
  • A perfect GIFT for people who love to play dice game or keeps a cool collection of dice


  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 18mm (Width) x 18mm (Height) x 18mm (Breadth)
  • Skull Colors: Gold, Silver, Beige

“Ships From US”

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