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Goals Planning Visual Calendar 2020

$30.50 $19.95

Flat Resolution 35% OFF:boom:

Forget about the past, from now make Goals, not resolutions with our Goals Planning Visual Calendar 2020 and give yourself some checkmarks to see your progress for everything you do. Always remember dates, events and your set goals, as you can mark them many months before. Having a visual sticker reminder can be very helpful while managing and organizing things. This Calendar can also be used to teach your kids a nice, effortless, and fun way on how to take charge of their responsibilities and the way they can manage their week and month. Best Gift, as for everyone planning is important. 

Product Features:

  • It helps with effective planning 
  • Helps you to be organized throughout the year, even for months and days
  • It will help improve your productivity
  • Visual sticker reminders will help you not to forget any event or part of your planning
  • Made from thick and high-quality kraft paper
  • Best way to keep track of tasks, appointments, etc.
  • Best Gift you can give to anyone you know. 

Product Specifications:

  • Material: kraft
  • Size: 73 x 51.5cm/28.74 x 20.28inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Resolution Planning Visual Calendar 
  • 2 sheet x Stickers

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