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What use is the maximum beautiful table if it’s far hidden beneath a traditional table cloth!!! The lovely wood grain of a genuine timber table or the unique sample of your dining desk should be visible and guarded nevertheless! With our GLOSSY TRANSPARENT TABLE FILM that is now possible!!! We know Traditional table films have a specifically hard area which can be perceived as unsightly at the elbows and that sucks. We have spent a long time developing a manner wherein we in particular manner the table film. Our Glossy transparent table film has a beveled facet and therefore blends in very harmoniously with the curve of your desk facet. You can sit easily at your table and revel in your dinner. ISN’T IT WONDERFUL!!!


It is made of PVC material, Bright, reflective, fully transparent, without changing the original color of the furniture!!

FUNCTIONS: Oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof. Prevent furniture surface scratches, damage. UV-proof, to prevent furniture fading, old.

HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: High temperature up to 280 degrees, instantaneous exposure to fire will not leave any traces.

EASY TO INSTALL: With back glue, self-adhesive, affixed after the tear will not have residual adhesive.

APPLICATIONS: Glass, furniture, electric appliance, doors and windows, cabinets, tea tables, cars, marble, walls, and other smooth surfaces.


  • Clean the surface with a dry towel.
  • Peel off the sticker.
  • Paste the film on the table smoothly.
  • This film can also be used for other furniture items as well as for walls.
  • it promises up to 8 years warranty.

The most flexible table film for every application area

Our transparent desk foil has the gain of being very elastic, slip-resistant and obvious. Because of this the table foil can be rolled up and placed again at the desk in much less than a minute. Really place it – adjust – carried out. A in addition gain of the protecting movie is that after it’s far placed at the table it could hardly ever be moved and accordingly lies firmly on the desk. Children who pull at the tablecloth causing hassle are now a issue of the beyond.

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