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Generations Necklace

$30.50 $19.95

For Generations Love Flat 35% OFF :two_hearts:

For the ultimate Love, you have being as a family, between your Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter. Our Generations Necklace design shows the linkage of love you have in a physical way.

Our Necklace is made up of silver, the three rings interlinked represents the love bondage between generation from grandmother to mother and daughter. Grab this and present this to your grandmother, mother or daughter to show your love in jewelry. This will be the most astonishing GIFT for all occasions.


  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Three Rings interlocked show the Infinite Bondage between generations
  • Help you represent your Emotions wisely
  • Durable strong material: Copper, & silver
  • A perfect GIFT for every occasion i.e. Mother’s Day, Birthday, etc.



  • Rings Material: Copper 
  • Chain Material: Silver
  • Length: 19.5 Inches

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